Robocut studio | Installation in Korea with Julien Vallée for Kia Motors
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Installation in Korea with Julien Vallée for Kia Motors

We had the privilege to work with Julien Vallée on this interactive swing installation. The exhibition took place at the Gana art Gallery in Seoul and was part of the “Kia Special weekends” event organized by Kia Motors were many great designers and artists were commissioned to showcase their talents on the theme “My dream ride”. Sensors embedded in the seat were sending it’s acceleration and triggering sounds while the user was swinging.

We really had a great time in Korea and met many wonderful people. Robocut would like to thank Julien Vallée et Kia Motors for the opportunity as well as Sophie Haeri, Udo Lee and the team at Eloquence magazine who was producing the event for their warm welcoming and organization skills.

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