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Author: Lea Lemaire

2016 (BIAN)

Opening to watch! Our good client and artist Manuel Chantre will be exposing his work entitled Monday March 11, 2013 at the 2016 International Digital Art Biennial of Montreal. Having accompanied him throughout the production of his work, we look forward to seeing the final result. In...

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Impulse – Luminothérapie 2015

Article about the thirty giant seesaws who transformed the Place des Festivals into an “illuminated playground.”   We worked on the Electronic design and interactivity of this project found at the Quartier des Spectacles of Montreal during the months of December and January !...

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Meet Daddy Mojo and his cigar box guitars

Meet our good customer Lenny Piroth-Robert aka Daddy Mojo as he recalls building his first cigar box guitar. We’ve been working with him for a few years now, laser cutting and engraving on these amazing instruments and we’re pretty proud of how well he his doing...

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The future of biology

We have been working on this amazing project for a few months now.  Here's a great article who explains it well ! You can also visit Amino's website :)...

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